• Jiugong Mountain Ski ResortJiugong Mountain Ski Resort

    Self driving route: Passing through the main towns: Wuhan -- Xianning -- Tongshan County - Heng Shi Tan Zhen - Jiugongshan Mountain Cloud Lake Specific lines: 1: Wuchang (Zhang Jiawan) on the southern section of State Road 107, Zheng Dian toll station, the station to the direction of changsha. 2: heshengqiao see table right direction , Changsha, Xianning toll station 3: one word left bank town of hot springs spa town of rotary direction, arrived at the right (to the Tongshan, here there are signs). 4: through the mountain road right, straight into the Tongshan County see T-junction turn right at the end (there are signs to the lake, the stone). 5: to the right (Shi tan after going into the hills, there are nine mountain scenic spot signs). 6: mountain top straight through. (this is the road of Jiugongshan mountain front, dangerous mountain road, winding, narrow roads, steep slope, recommend beginners do not. But the new pavement is asphalt road). 7: if you want to go to Forest Park and into the tomb, they left the road (the road more dangerous than before the mountains, is a mountain road, narrow roads, pavement damage, and the gravel road, suggested that only rich mountain driving experience friends go, but before the mountain scenery is even more spectacular)...

  • The Shennongjia international ski fieldThe Shennongjia international ski field

    Self driving route: Hanyang Wangjiawan — — &mdash — Zhuankou Guandu; Beijing Zhuhai expressway entrance to — — — &mdash service station of Qianjiang; Yichang Wujiagang — — Jiang Jia Wan — — Xiao Xi tower — — Xingshan — — Shennongjia (

  • Harbin Yabuli International Ski ResortHarbin Yabuli International Ski Resort

    Self driving tour: ski from Harbin Suifenhe to the 301 National Highway is only 18 km from the city of Harbin, drive about 2.5 hour to arrive, but the winter snow slippery ice road driving experience, no tourists cautious.

  • 1/This year the weather suck Jixian County snow delayed the opening

    This is a light snow weather, this year Jixian County area just raining, it is fate? Rainy day, even if it is foggy day, because the weather humidity is bigger, it is difficult to meet the snow making conditions, Jixian County field of each heavy snow snow making progress is very slow, this year i...

  • 2/Winter snow and ice sports businesses bid to stimulate nerve into the new darling of enterprise mark

    Every winter, Harbin ice and snow festival will attract millions of visitors, but the development of the Harbin ice and snow sports is obviously behind the ice and Snow Festival, this let the city of ice and snow seemed somewhat embarrassed. But many businesses have gradually realized that &mdash de...

  • 3/"Ice paradise" Heilongjiang each big ski resort will open

    8 journalists from the Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Bureau to understand, with winter approaching, China's most northern provinces of Heilongjiang is about to usher in the ski season. Early this month, the popular ski Yabuli, etc. will be open, rich novel snow entertainment projects will bring a ...

  • 4/Beijing Qiao Bo ski

    Beijing Qiaobo snow world indoor ski hall can provide four seasons ski, snow museum building area of nearly 40000 square meters, all adopted the snow made refrigeration technology equipment and international advanced Canadian well-known manufacturers, fun to ensure that each of the four seasons ski ...

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